Womens Jewellery

Womens Jewellery
"It's simple" she said, "I'm going!"
"Going or leaving?" I responded.
Green eyes blazed back at me, her booted feet on my desk. "Call it what you want" she said.
I looked at her, so grown-up. No-one should look that good wearing so much jewellery. Rings on every finger, her earrings dancing with indignation, her neck and arms racked with necklaces and bracelets. Last week's "I'll-never-take-it-off” Necklace now braided into her hair. I smiled, she was poised on the edge of life's big adventure. Who was I to argue. I reached into my drawer and returned her ticket.
Because every great adventure starts with style - Jewellery of the Planet

Surfing, ethnic and tribal jewellery.