Large Koru Maori Pendant

Large Koru Maori Pendant
Large Koru Maori Pendant Large Koru Maori Pendant Large Koru Maori Pendant
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From New Zealand, this large smooth surf pendant depicts the Koru, the Maori symbol for a fern, the unfurling frond symbolising new beginnings and harmony. Hand cast in safe lead-free pewter the pendant is polished to a high shine and hung on a black rolled leather neck cord with slip knot ends so it can be worn close to the throat. Weighty and of high quality, this symbolic pendant is just the good luck talisman to buy when you are looking to change your life for the better!
Product Information:
Genuine Jewellery from New Zealand
Sold and dispatched from the UK
Adjustable rolled black leather neck cord supplied with this item, fits all neck sizes
Made from safe lead-free Pewter
Authentic Maori Design symbolising new beginnings and harmony
Size Guide:
Pendant Dimensions: = 3.2cm x 3.2cm,
Thickness: = 4mm,
Cord Length: = 36-72cm,
Weight: = 14g
Why We Love This: Its the ideal gift in life when you want to start over!
Please Note:
This item is robust enough to wear in the shower and swimming however the appearance of this item will deteriorate with prolonged exposure to water.


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