Large Pewter Lizard Surf Pendant

Large Pewter Lizard Surf Pendant
Large Pewter Lizard Surf Pendant Large Pewter Lizard Surf Pendant Large Pewter Lizard Surf Pendant
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The Tuatara is the rare and unique pre-historic lizard native to new Zealand. This super smooth stylized version of the lizard makes a great surfing pendant. Hand cast in New Zealand safe lead-free Pewter and polished to a high shine, this cool surf pendant is hung on a strong black cotton cord with slip knot ends so it can be worn close to the throat. The Tuatara is only to be found in New Zealand, scientists describe the lizard as a "living fossil" as its closest relatives are a group of extinct dinosaurs that lived over 200 million years ago. Unique to the Tuatara is a 3rd eye under the scales on the top of the lizards head. Complete with retina, lens and nerve endings (keep reading we're getting to something interesting!) this eye cannot see in the traditional sense but allows the lizard to judge the time of day and the seasons. In the Maori culture the Tuatara and its 3rd eye has a protective significance marking the boundaries of what is sacred or forbidden and is thus traditionally tattooed on the inside of a Maori maiden's thigh. Buying one for a friend you fancy says "you're mine" and they won't even know it!
Product Information:
Genuine Jewellery from New Zealand
Adjustable slip knot neck cord supplied with this item
Made from safe lead-free Pewter
Approximate Measurements:
Pendant Dimensions: = 1.6cm x 4.7cm,
Thickness: = 4mm,
Cord Length: = 36-72cm,
Weight: = 10g
Why We Love This: For the secret message... You're mine!
Please Note:
This item is robust enough to wear in the shower and swimming however the appearance of this item will deteriorate with prolonged exposure to water.


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