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Jewellery of the Planet is a site dedicated to bringing you the best surfing jewellery, urban jewellery and ethnic jewellery from the countries of the world.

The crafting of local stones, metals, bone, shell & leather using skills & designs that have been passed down through the generations is what brands each nation's jewellery as unique. On you can explore the world; from New Zealand Maori Surf Pendants to Hawaiian surfing necklaces, Brazilian Amazon jewellery to hand carved ethnic Afghan jewels. Our on-line store displays both traditional and more modern ethnic designs with mouth watering photos to create an exquisite range. Search by country, type or colour to create the look you want.

The integrity of our jewellery is guaranteed. If you buy a piece from a particular country, then it has been made in that country. We think you'll agree for example, that owning a piece of surf jewellery from Hawaii, the home of the greatest surf in the world... will give you much more pleasure than a cheap replica from some landlocked nation whose factory workers have never seen the sea.

Jewellery of the Planet is based in Yorkshire, England, a beautiful part of the world with rugged moors and a stunning coastline. Our stock is imported here from all over the world and each piece is individually inspected to ensure you receive a quality item. We offer a 30 day no quibble money-back guarantee so that you can buy with confidence knowing that in the unlikely event you are disappointed with the product you can return it to us and be refunded.

Customer security is extremely important to us; we use an encrypted secure server to provide you with an on-line shopping service that protects your credit card details. This means that we cannot see your credit card details, nor do we store them. This not only gives our customer's peace of mind, but it means we have achieved information security compliance under European legislation. For more information see Delivery Information, Our privacy policy and our Help section

If you have any further queries please contact us.

As our site expands, we are adding more countries and ever more exciting and beautiful items of jewellery. There are 196 countries of the world, and it may be many years before we supply jewellery from all of them! We are always looking for new suppliers, particularly from countries that we currently have no dealings with. If you would like to supply Jewellery of the Planet, please contact us.

Our shop is open 24 hours a day for you to order, however even internet retailers need some R&R sometimes and thus our despatch facilities and customer service assistance are open during the following times:
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Welcome to the start of your journey with Jewellery of the Planet, we hope you enjoy shopping with us!

All the best!

Moira Arnott

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Surfing, ethnic and tribal jewellery.