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Why Buy From Jewellery Of The Planet?

Guys! if you want something to wear that has that surf-dude look then buy a genuine item of Hawaiian surfing jewellery from Jewellery of the Planet. We sell Hawaiian surfing pendants, Hawaiian surfing necklaces, Hawaiian surfing bracelets, all handmade from local materials by the people of Hawaii. We believe that owning a piece of surf jewellery from Hawaii, the home of the greatest surf in the world... will give you much more pleasure than a cheap replica from some landlocked nation whose factory workers have never seen the sea.

We also sell Maori Jade Pendants from New Zealand hand carved in traditional Polynesian designs reflecting the culture of surfing which is a central part of ancient Polynesian culture. To round off the collection we have included a range of Central American woven wrist straps and neck cords in cotton, bamboo, bead and leather from Guatemala… ideal beach wear! Slip a pendant on, close your eyes and open your dreams... you can almost hear the surf...!

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